Battery Recycling Adelaide

How many electronics do you own? And how many of them have batteries in them? That’s right the figure you get will boggle your mind. Now think of what happens when your batteries run out. You just throw them. Another major scrap battery recycling source is vehicles. With almost everyone owning at least one vehicle, you can imagine how many batteries are used & dumped daily! However, there is good news. You can make your batteries into earning machine.

How to Get Cash for Scrap Batteries

If you are an electronic device user, chances are that you are left with many drained batteries. Also, as a vehicle owner, you need to change your car batteries every few years. And in both cases, you simply get rid of the unwanted scrap batteries. However, instead of throwing old batteries, you can sell your unwanted batteries to scrap batteries buyers and in turn, you can earn Cash for scrap batteries.

That’s right! Batteries have a great demand in the recycling industries and they can fetch you a good price depending on the quantity of your scrap.

Where to Sell Unwanted Batteries?

Ok, so you now have a truckload of unwanted battery scrap (or maybe a handful) what do you do with it? All you have to do is find the right Adelaide scrap battery buyers. We at AnF Scrap Metal Adelaide deal in all kinds of scrap metal including batteries. In fact, we are very popular amongst the Adelaide batteries scraps market.

Apart from scrap batteries we also buy all other metals. So, if you have any kind of metal scrap lying around bring it to us and we will give you a favorable offer. Furthermore, while quoting the price we keep the current market rate in mind and therefore all our offers are fair.

Cash for Scrap Batteries Adelaide

Thus, whenever you are ready with the metal scrap, bring it to us. Please remember to separate different metals into different piles. This will help you get the best rate for each metal scrap. When you bring the scrap we will weigh in the same and give you an offer. If you accept the offer, we collect your unwanted scrap pile and pay you in cash on the same day.

How to reach us It is very easy to reach us. You can call 0432 795 455, write or make a personal visit to our scrapyard at your convenience.